Cutting Through the Red Tape

katana blade

A sharp blade can cut through a lot of messy stuff, be it fibre or flesh. The sword is a great image or metaphor to hold in business and life, because it offers incisive action. Many of us fail to bite down, when it matters most, due to indecisiveness. In a world full of seemingly limitless choices and tonnes of detail, we can easily get bogged down by it all. Cutting through the red tape becomes even more important in these circumstances. Happiness is best served by a keen edge and the stroke of a skilled Samurai.

Katana, Katana, Gleaming Bright, Who Is the Keenest Swordsman of All

With apologies to Snow White and those doughty seven dwarfs, I have borrowed a line from their fairy tale to illustrate the reflective nature of a well-maintained blade. Cutting through the noise and the traffic to reach your audience is an important part of life in the 21C. We live in an over populated world and a rapidly crowding digital realm. Having a sharp sword by your side can make a big difference to whether your message gets across or not. In business and in life keep your communications succinct and pithy.

A Natural Weapon in Hand

Similarly, when achieving better health outcomes it is useful to approach the matter with a natural weapon in hand. Nature has been healing human beings for millennia on this blue planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. Cutting through the red tape, whether it be illness or confusion, can be achieved with a strong intention. What is a strong intention? It is a clear focus on the desired outcome, despite the fact that you may not know the means. Be intent upon the end you seek, and the means will become apparent.

Swords Cut Through Effortlessly

Life and business are best approached like a warrior. This is not to say aggressively, as many of the greatest warriors were gentle people until the moment of battle. It is the focus and intention of a warrior which best serves us all. The sword cuts through the air effortlessly and it is this quality that we seek in our daily lives. The Samurai does not unsheathe his katana unless he intends to use it. Similarly, we must not brandish weapons without clear intent. Know thyself and know thy business. Do not open the doors until you are practiced and well versed in your trade.