Who Uses The Sharpest Blades: Dentists, Butchers or Orthodontists?

Happiness is a sharp blade! This is true for more than just serial killers and characters from fantasy novels. Professionals like chefs and meatworkers depend upon a keen blade for performance and job satisfaction. So, questions like, who uses the sharpest blades: Dentists, butchers or orthodontists? Are, perhaps, not as silly as they may sound. Precision orthodontic just like dental work relies on the skill of the professional and the keenness of his or her instruments. Nobody appreciates a blunt tool when it comes to sorting out painful problems with teeth.

Gurgling Toward an Early Exit from This Mortal Coil

To answer the question, who uses the sharpest blades: Dentists, butchers or orthodontists I am reminded of a personal experience, which happened not so long ago. I was sitting in the dentist’s chair or couch with my long-suffering oral cavity stretched open and drowning in my own blood from a pulled tooth. The dental hygiene nurse had become momentarily distracted from her job of sucking all the blood from my mouth and I was gurgling toward an unexpected early exit from this mortal coil. Luckily, the dentist pulled her from her reverie and the suction tube was rapidly reapplied to my engorged orifice before it was too late.

A Very Sharp Blade to Extract My Rotten Tooth

Obviously, it took a very sharp blade to extract my rotten tooth from the grip of my lower jaw. Not to mention some well-placed strength and dexterity. I would tip my hat to the dentist in this instance, as he or she is sometimes butcher, as seen by my own recounted experience. To wield Excalibur in the confines of a dental surgery is a sometimes-demanding challenge fit only for the surest hands and steadiest nerves. Indeed, many are looking for sharp, precise dental SEO to match their own refined skills.

Martial characters from history’s pages and those popular fantasy novels all mention a desire for a clean death as warriors, when the time is nie. Similarly, when I am in the dentist’s chair, I too demand a clean cut, as can be seen by the many missing teeth within my shy smile. I call upon the gods of teeth everywhere, those deities responsible for oral hygiene down through the ages and across all cultures, to bless my few remaining teeth with long life. In the advent they cannot fulfil my request, then a few more clean cuts must suffice.