Electrical Swords & Weaponry: From History To The Future

The sword remains a keen symbol of human aggression fashioning technology into a weapon.  What is a sword, but a metal bar bashed into a blade and fitted with a handle? Metal derived from rock and smelted into a substance suitable for the rigours of war. The future has handed us new technologically advanced weaponry. Luke Skywalker may well be fiction, but lasers do exist. Electrical swords and weaponry: From history to the future we grasp the sword of destiny. Indeed, electrical security can be aggressive like weapons or defensive like lighting.

The Electrical Sword is More Akin to a Wand in the 21C

Metallurgy has, in many ways, been replaced by discoveries and technology driven by the electromagnetic field. Electrical swords and weaponry: From history to the future we see this current rippling through the infrastructure surrounding human life on planet earth. Modern man and woman have cast an electrical force around themselves to ward off dangers and discomfort. The world is chock full of electrons, protons and neutrons all charged with the magic of energy. The structure of the entire universe is made up of theses tiny particles and waves. The electrical sword is more akin to a wand in the 21C.

Security is Built on Knowing more Than Your Opponent

The smart warrior will make social media part of your home and personal security arsenal in this day and age. What do they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer? Social media can assist you in keeping your finger on the pulse of what is around you. Knowledge is the greatest electrical sword of them all, fired by those billions of neurons inside your brain. Utilise the technology that will deliver informed choices throughout your life. Security is built on knowing more than your opponent.

A weapon is only truly useful if wielded by a skilled operator with all the fact at his or her disposal. Think about all those gun toting American police who have spun a superpower on its axis into a protest ridden sea of chaos via the Black Lives Matter movement. Too many weapons in the hands of idiots will bring a civilisation to its knees, just ask the ancient Romans. Whether it be a sword or gun, thorough training is required or things can and will go wrong. Security forces need to be watched carefully or they will start to make war upon their own citizens.